Be a model

Our Apprentices require male and female hair models of all ages for training purposes on a regular basis, so take the opportunity to have your hair cut, coloured or styled at Aristocuts at greatly reduced price (see Model Price Guide below), all monitored by our own in-house qualified training Assessors. Please be aware that an appointment with our apprentices will take slightly longer than normal).

We also from time to time require models for photo shoots, creative evenings and for our website,  so if you’re open to new and creative cuts or colours then please get in touch with us.

Cutting & Styling

Finish £6.00

Finish Long/Thick £8.25

Cut & Finish £11.00

Cut & Finish Long/Thick £12.75

Cut & Finish Restyle £15.00

Wet Cut £9.00

Wet Cut Long/Thick £10.00

Wet Cut Restyle £12.75


Permanent Roots Inoa £22.00

Permanent Roots Bleach £27.50

Permanent Roots T-Section £16.50

Semi-Permanent Full Head Dia-Lite/Richesse £20.00

Extra Full Application Semi-Permanent Colour £10.50

Extra Half Application Semi-Permanent Colour £5.25

Woven High/Low Lites Full Head – Short Hair £36.50

Woven High/Low Lites T-Section – Short Hair £28.50

Woven High/Low Lites Full Head – Long Hair £40.00

Woven High/Low Lites T-Section – Long Hair £42.00

Capped High/Low Lites Full Head £26.00

Capped High/Low Lites Half Head £19.25